Sunday, November 21, 2004

Back At It

Haven't touched this blog since Election Day. Of course, many bloggers more prominent and active than I said then, whether they elated or despaired, that's it boys & girls, at this point in time, I'm outta here for a while. Crawling into a cave and pushing a big rock up against the opening. I can't blame them.

But a friend did e-mail me, someone who's coming to visit and pal around with my partner while I'm off on my cruise, and he said he'd read Gumbo Pie, enjoyed it, and would be following it avidly. Yes, YOU, HKJ! So I suppose I should starting throwing my thoughts out into the wind once again, on occasion. Cyberwind, such a thought. Does it flow East, West? North or South? In or out? Upstream or downstream? "Cap'n!! The servers'r gettin' stretched to their limit's by such a strong Nor'Downloader! Unless we get some relief, and we should pray, pray for a Denial of Service, we'll need to luff her t' the upload side, pray God, and wait for the Sun™!!"

My cruise? I'll tell you later.


inkwatu said...

Glad you started blogging again. Have begun to gradually work my way through your links. Am enjoying the Video Archives. Started with the sex education video from the 50s. Memories! Made me remember the smell of the gym locker, next to mine, belonging to a classmate I lusted after at that time. I "knew," even way back then.

Have a great cruise, Jean Lafitte. Looking forward to seeing you all, soon.

inkwatu said...

Curious about that cruise!

Blogdevil9 said...

As a personal friend, I feel rather remiss for neglecting to mention it recently in person, but I’ve been enjoying your weblog immensely. Perhaps more than those who do not share the great privilege of your friendship. However, I am gratified to see the positive response your blog has been getting since its inception, not long ago. I’m extremely glad that you’re “back at it” and look forward to your next post.
Elections are a very tense and uncertain event in our society and I feel that it is wisest to question all contenders as to motive and competence. You’ve done that in your recent posts. You’ve made me think and expanded my conceptions about world events and their ramifications. Some of your detractors have not understood what it was you were expressing and this is evident by their limited responses.
As for cyberwind, I think it flows in a complete chaos pattern, all directions at once. So, throw those thoughts out there, Jean, and send them everywhere. Your Friend, JRJ.