Sunday, December 18, 2005

Brokeback Breakdown

There's an amusing post at announcing the Gay Blogger Alliance for Straight Indifference to Brokeback. The author is fed up with straight people wildly overreacting to Brokeback Mountain, even sometimes overreacting to the very existence of the film. I've noticed that too. A lot of (presumably straight) movie reviewers seem to be almost dislocating their shoulders while patting themselves on the back for giving it a good review. And a lot of bloggers and blog commenters seem to be desperately trying to establish their heterosexual bona fides by loudly stating how freaked out they'd be seeing a movie with a gay sex scene in it.

For what it's worth, I haven't seen the movie, though I've read the story it's based on, as it hasn't opened in New Orleans yet. But I'm looking forward to it because, back-patting aside, the reviews indicate it's a terrific film. And all that straight squeamishness is edging over into "the lady doth protest too much, methinks." From what I hear, the sex scene is explicit but not pornographic, and anyway is only about thirty seconds of a two hour film. The movie is about these guys' emotions, after all, not their sex lives. I've put up with longer and steamier straight sex scenes in movies often enough without complaint, so stuff it already.

So what the hell, I've joined the alliance.


Blogdevil9 said...
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Blogdevil9 said...
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Blogdevil9 said...

Cheers and Cheers again for this excellent post, Jean. I too, have not yet seen the film, but I very strongly applaud your statement about how we homosexuals must endure much longer straight sex scenes in films. More films than I can even count. And the straight sex scenes are usually much more explicit than those short blips in films about gay relationships. Keep up the good work. Your friend, blogdevil9.

Mr. Clio said...

Great post and great link. I would just like to say that I am a straight guy who is totally indifferent to Brokeback. I'll put it in my Netflix list and wait for it arrive someday in the future.

If it's good, so much the better.

Here's to a future when lousy films about gay people make just as much many as lousy films about straight people, and good films about gay people make just as little money as good films about straight people.

Rose Kane said...

I read the post at gayorbit. Can a person be against this kind of film without being a gaybasher or homophobe? I also don't want to see 'Closer'. I'm not against gays, I am against anything that glorifies this systemic breakdown of our families. One of the postings at gayorbit said this tragedy was what all the right-wing freaks want for gays. That is insane. I am very right wing and the thought of a man spending his life wrecking his family, pining for another man, and ending in complete desperation breaks my heart for that man. NOT as much as for his children though. When are we going to stop acting like love is some magical talisman. Someday you'll find the right one be it hetero or homo and all will be perfect. It doesn't work that way. You make a commitment, you bring children into the world, you choose to love and honor even when the other grass might look greener. You GROW UP and be responsible. I don't like movies like The Hours, Brokeback, Closer. Look at the Hours! Little boy abandoned, becomes gay, gets AIDS, dies miserable, and at the end? MOMMY EXPLAINS TO HIS BEST FRIEND WHY SHE HAD TO ABANDON HER SON AND HIS BEST FRIEND UNDERSTANDS. Screw That! You wanna be a playboy or sleep with everybody you want to fine. Don't get married. Don't have kids. Stop being selfish.