Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Shoggoth Party

Hmm. I think I've found my political home.

More to the point, an official bid for the presidency has been declared by Fred Thompson, the former actor/senator, if there's a difference. Now here's an interesting exercise. Go to Frederick of Hollywood's campaign website, Read his official biography, what he wants you to know about him and his career. While reading, keep this question in your mind: When has this guy ever been the boss?

Manager of someone else's political campaign doesn't count, as the boss is the candidate. Lobbyist doesn't count, as the boss is the client. Actor certainly doesn't count. Even if you're the star, which he never has been, the boss of the set is the director. His private practice as a lawyer? Can't tell, as he doesn't say whether he was boss of his own firm or just a junior partner in someone else's. (Actually, if he'd had his own firm, you'd think he'd say so, wouldn't you?) Senator? OK, he was a committee chairman, so he could certainly boss the committee staff around. But when policy was decided it was decided by the whole Senate, not by Fred Thompson, alone in his office with the burden of history on his shoulders. Only when he was running for office himself has he ever really been the boss, and the record shows that winning the race was all he really cared about. Doing the job of Senator he found a bit of a bore.

So when has this guy, who wants to lead the United States, ever sat behind a desk with a sign on it saying "The Buck Stops Here"? As far as I can tell, never.

Haven't we had enough of amateurs trying to wing it?