Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Oh, Daddy!

I see that the Gay Patriot has acknowledged paternity. A dangerous thing to do, as it can commit you to support payments until the age of eighteen. Except that in blogosphere years that period would have expired -- let me check -- about six minutes ago. Dang.

You're off the hook, Pops. At least that hook. I'm sure you'll find other hooks. Cheers!!!


owlish said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, and good choice on the style of your blog. Great minds think alike, after all.

Eric said...


My blogdaddy is Alphecca, the blogson of Instapundit, who's also (I think) the blogdaddy of your blogdaddy. We may therefore be related -- not by marriage but by blog.

Steve T. said...

Obviously we need more and better terminology, as what exists isn't up to the task. Would this connection make us second blogins? Or would it be first blogins, once removed? I've never been able to keep that straight.