Monday, June 12, 2006

In Memoriam

Sometimes it seems that there is little we can do, except to remember and remind. But if that is all we can do, we must at least do that.

Two teenagers about to be hanged in Iran on July 19, 2005, almost one year ago, for the crime of being gay. Do not forget them.

Update: I originally got the date wrong, but not the point.

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Anonymous said...

Was in SF over the weekend. I feel out of touch or something. I see graffiti of "Bush, American Terrorist". I see Bishop Swing's apologia pinned up at Grace that among other things gently decries a growing "religious military" movement in this country (I forget the words). What I don't see is any recognition that an intolerant, religious, nationalist, military movement is very strong already, supports acts of mass murder outside its borders, and is about to obtain nuclear weapons to boot. The picture is very, very sad.