Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wicked Fun!!

I'm a big fan of humorist and sydicated columnist James Lileks. (There's a link to his blog on the blogroll under "Other Links.") He lives in Minneapolis and has a short daily humor column in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. A few weeks ago he did a column about, a fun service from Heinz where you can order Heinz ketchup and mustard bottles with customized labels. Within space limitations for various size bottles and jars, they will make you bottles with labels that say whatever you want, in the same style and font as their regular labels. Not too expensive either. A customized regular size glass or plastic ketchup bottle is only about six bucks.

Some ideas are obvious, like bottles for a family reunion or annual picnic, or for a child's birthday party or something. Lileks was much more creative than that. The one idea of his that I really, really, really like is having bottles made up with labels that read, "You're stoned, young man, and you're not fooling anyone," and sneaking them back onto grocery store shelves.

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