Saturday, April 14, 2012


It is difficult, sometimes. A is nearly 79, which is pushing 80, and has been bedridden since his stroke two years ago. To get into bed in the evening, he gets undressed and rolls over to the other side of the bed. Then I fold the bedclothes down, he rolls back, and gets in. Reverse in the morning. He almost couldn't do the roll tonight. Babies can roll. If he can't, what's he doing at home instead of in a hospital? But he won't hear of that. He'd rather die. Literally.

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Don said...

Very difficult indeed.

Had not seen this, had fairly lost the link, maybe you think it's just as well but you must know some of us do have you in mind and, not being privy to detail, hope the good significantly outweighs the not good.

Everyone I know is running through challenges, though, which makes me realize that even the ones who appear to have life dialed in very probably do not. It's never simple for anyone, it seems. But particularly not for you these days.