Saturday, October 09, 2004


I don't believe this. After fleeing Hurricane Ivan, after driving for thirteen hours to find refuge in Texas, after getting fucking fired for doing so (at least that's what they say, I'm not sure I believe them), now THIS! Another storm, Tropical Storm Matthew, and unlike Ivan, which suddenly turned away, this one really IS coming right down our throat.

At least the forecasters say that with this one, there shouldn't be any really dangerous winds, which is a little comfort. Just rain, rain, more rain, still some rain, yet more rain, power goes out, raining still, rain, rain, rain.

Now, I'm a reasonable man, but this is simply beyond all bounds of responsible behavior. I think it's high time for the management to start exercising some authority here and start addressing the clear problems with the hurricane staffing at the operational level. I mean, anyone can see they're out of control, and I think drug and alcohol testing would not be out of line either.


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Harry said...

Dear Mr. Lafitte,

The end is near. This is the FINAL rainstorm. Gather your things and move to the roof, so you can watch it in all its apocalyptic splendour. From your roof in The Quarter, you can stare westward toward Tempe, and see the beginning of the end, which ever way it falls.

H. Flashman