Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Will We Never Learn?

This sort of thing depresses the hell out of me. Nothing, but nothing, horrifies me as much as the sight of anti-semitism on the march in Europe, especially in England. It seems that "Never again!" is being slowly replaced by, "Yes, again."

For centuries, Jews have looked up and asked, "Dear G-d, haven't we suffered enough?" What His answer has been, I do not know, but the answer from those around them has been, "No. You haven't suffered enough. As long as you live, you will not have suffered enough. Why? Because you are who you are, and that's enough. Because you are you."

Only now, they're adding Americans to that evil list, that of those who will never have suffered enough, so long as they live and are who they are. Jews and Americans. And please don't think that we can solve this little problem just by putting John Kerry in the White House. Whether he would make a better president than Bush or not, this is a trend which predates the current administration by years.

And in case you're wondering, no I'm not Jewish.


Don said...

Some will say Front Page can't be believed. Even I have to wonder since I was in the UK in 2003 and never detected a hint of disapproval. But even though she may have selected just the worst incidents for effect, I don't doubt they really happened. I don't think it's anti-Semitism as such. Americans and Israelis comport themselves as winners, and long-suffering Muslims play the victim card very well even while slaughtering people, and the Brits, like most civilized people, can't help but root for the supposed underdog.

Steve T. said...

I hope you're right. Nevertheless, it's a situation to be watched with concern.

Harry said...

Well, not only anti-semitism, but raving, unthinking anti-Americanism, or really, anti-anything in the expressed in the fashion she describes.

This reminds me of something my cousin's husband described after the Iraq invasion. He win Zanzibar with the UN Lawyers for Human Rights, and was verbally attacked by three dinner companions over the actions of George Bush. He is the soul of mellow, but has his limits and after trying to assure people that he didn;t vote for the guy, got into it further and ended up leaving early.

So, it isn't just Britain.

Also, I've heard all kinds of tales of encountering locals who don't hate Americans per se, just George Bush. I suppose the only way to find out is to get out there and see what happens.