Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yes, not so sadly

Some on the left have complained for years that the righty folks can be just so much more entertaining. Funny, witty, incisive, and penetrating. You know, like Rush Limbaugh.

Ooohhh-kaay. So even a lot who lean his way find that mocking the desperately ill is not such a slap-the-knee happy-fest. Scratch that, start over.

I've found that a lot of folks on the left can be incredibly funny, witty, incisive, and penetrating, but it tends to be online, not on the air. I've found that a blog called Sadly, No! is hugely amusing, not just because of the guys who run it, but because of the fabulously clever bunch of commenters who hang out there.

I was delighted by their collective dissection of a column by this right-wing religious wingnut, talking about the Mark Foley scandal, and how it obviously means all gays are pedophiles.

The title of this article by a Dr. David Noebel is, "Will the Real Sodomy Party Please Stand Up?" The sodomy party? Really? Who do you think he's referring to? The party that for over ten years sheilded a ranking congressman with a hankering for young men subordinate to him? No?

But the Sadly, No! folks do have such fun with him.

mmm...lemonheads said,

Wasn’t that an Eminem song?

Will the real sodomy party please stand up?
Please stand up?
Please stand up?

Dr. Noebel starts his article with:

One has to shake the head violently to see if the neurons are still connected to believe that all of a sudden the Republican Party is the party of Sodom and Gomorrah.

What? Who is saying that? Has anybody been saying that? Not the Democrats, they don't have to say a word. It's more like the Repubs have been the party that condemned someone else as the party of Sodom & Gomorrah, the party that actually likes to have sex. Shocking. But now one of their guys got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Or his hand..... not gonna go there.

Moving on. I like Lalasnake's comment:

“One has to shake the head violently to see if the neurons are still connected. . . .”

Oh gods no! Please don’t tell me that Bertie Wooster has become a Wingnut!

Then Dr. Noebel comes up with this glorious statement:

Through this experience and a number of others also involving Tulsa, Oklahoma I have come to the personal conclusion that pedophilia and gayness go together like Mary and Mary’s little lamb.

One of the Sadly, No! bloggers added this bloody brilliant verse:

Gavin adds:

Mary had a little lamb,
They went around together;
While Mary played with little boys,
The lamb was into leather.

But I have to ask: Tulsa??

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Blogdevil9 said...

In response to the part about Rush Limbaugh and his vicious attack on Michael J. Fox, I have been meaning to address this incident myself. Ever the loose cannon and right wing reactionary, Limbaugh's antics, though embarrassing and laughable, can sometimes be taken with a grain of salt. His attack on Fox , however, is inexcusable. How dare he?

As for this dr. Noebel, he reminds me of what my late uncle used to say about straight people, that they think all homosexuals are child molesters. While I have always thought of his opinion on this as a gross over-generalisation, I now begin to think there was some validity in it.

I was recently surprised by the lack of knowledge about gay history and lifestyle of my most intelligent and admired member of my family. When I had mentioned that the historic Stonewall bar in New York's Greenwich Village is now out of business, he didn't even know what Stonewall was.

It's a travesty the way some heterosexuals can be led to believe the nonsense put out by hate-mongers like Noebel.